Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary changes name to Oserengoni


Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary changes name to Oserengoni


Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the most respected private game sanctuaries in Kenya, has changed its name to Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary.

Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary borders the Rift Valley’s Mau Escarpment and lies on the shores of Lake Oloidien, which means ‘salty water’ in the Masaai language.

The Sanctuary has a number of projects in place to protect white rhino, Grevy zebra, colobus monkey, leopard, lion, wild hunting dog and the aardvark - all of which are species classified at different levels of endangerment.

Oserengoni also teems with a multitude of ‘plains game’ including, hyena, buffalo, antelope, warthog, giraffe, jackal, ostrich, baboon, vervet monkey and many others. It also hosts a prolific number of bird species and is home to a number of threatened species such as the African Fish Eagle, Augur Buzzard and Grey Crested Helmet Shrike.



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