Baby Casper

Watching the birth of Baby Casper - the albino warthog

Baby Casper

Last night, I predicted that this morning would see the arrival of new life, and I was right. Taking my daily morning drive through the Conservancy, I was excited by the events that lay ahead. I reached the Warthogs hideout hole just in time to witness nature take its course.

As is typical of sows (female warthogs), the expectant mother had left her family to dig up a separate hole to give birth in. She will then remain in the hole for several weeks nursing her piglets until they are big enough to walk on their own.

This morning, I counted two piglets and to my surprise one of the piglets looked a bit pale. I believe our expectant sow had just given birth to an Albino Warthog. I didn’t want to disturb the sow and I walked away to return after she had recovered. Read more about warthogs.

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