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The diaries of John Ndegwa Karanja – Head Guide and Conservancy Manager

John is a walking encyclopaedia with his extensive knowledge covering any subject imaginable. He particularly enjoys the early morning hours, watching the scenery and animals as they wake up. He has shared some unforgettable memories with guests and loves the fact that being a guide allows him to show thousands of people the beauty of Kenya.

Fish Eagles Displaying

January wildlife news from Oserengoni

Fish Eagles Displaying

I was driving near one of the water points and came by this two African fish eagles perched on a dead Leleshwa tree. Beneath their watch was a great array of wildlife, Giraffes, Wildebeests, Elands and Grants gazelles. Way off in the distance nestled on a large acacia tree was the eagle’s half year old chick calling out to the parents. I turned to see what would have prompted the kwee…. Kwee…. kwee calls from the chick only to realise that a couple dozen of the African white backed vultures were flying headed in the direction of the particular tree the chick was perched. This must have freighted her, for ordinarily, the two hardly compete for food although the fish eagle is known to peculate other bird species in a behaviour scientist refer to as kleptoparatism.

Baby Casper

Watching the birth of Baby Casper - the albino warthog

Baby Casper

Last night, I predicted that this morning would see the arrival of new life, and I was right. Taking my daily morning drive through the Conservancy, I was excited by the events that lay ahead. I reached the Warthogs hideout hole just in time to witness nature take its course.

As is typical of sows (female warthogs), the expectant mother had left her family to dig up a separate hole to give birth in. She will then remain in the hole for several weeks nursing her piglets until they are big enough to walk on their own.

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