Hans and June Zwager and their son Peter Zwager, started Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary in 1995 to conserve the wildlife in the area and to manage the human-wildlife conflict such that both the local communities and the wildlife could prosper. The Oserengoni Conservancy is very proud of its achievements so far, but is always alive to the need to find ways in which it can continue to grow and improve its contribution to Kenyan conservancy. At the heart of the Zwager’s philosophy was the need to lay the foundations to sustain the Sanctuary for generations to come, and, with this in mind, the Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary was recreated as an independent charity in 2012. The charity now takes forward the Zwager philosophy and the good work completed so far, and is seeking funding from partners, sponsors and donors to take it to its next stage of growth and to sustain it for the long-term.

The local area was originally well populated with a large variety of wild animals. For example, we know that it was home to large herbivores, including rhino, buffalo, elephants, elands, waterbucks, and gerenuks, and carnivores, such as lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas and the African wild dogs. The populations have since been drastically reduced or decimated altogether due to the human-wildlife conflict of years past, but the Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary's work is successfully re-establishing these animals back into their original habitats and region.

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