Our Objectives

Our Key Objectives for the next 5 years are:

Wildlife and Environment

  • To continue to build a healthy animal population and a healthy, balanced habitat.
  • To introduce lions for their protection and to breed them for reintroduction elsewhere.
  • To develop a predator management programme to guide the lion carrying capacity for the Conservancy.
  • To develop a clear understanding with the KWS on the Big Cat management program in order to sustain the country’s predator population.
  • To introduce new blood line among the rhinos and Grevy’s zebra.
  • To control/eradicate invasive and alien plants that threatens to imbalance the ecosystem.
  • To stop soil erosion on the Maela escarpment and on all other steep sections of the fence and along some roads.
  • Increase the percentage of open plains vs thick leleshwa bush relative to an increasing open plains animal population.
  • To continue monitoring and studying the endangered Grey Crested Helmet Shrike.


  • Together with lead agencies, assist the neighbouring communities to adopt sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices.
  • Assist the neighbouring farmers to cultivate new cash crops that are of higher financial returns and not palatable to wildlife.
  • To assist the neighbouring farming communities to initiate low/medium level economic activities under a poverty eradication programme.
  • To establish a community economic empowerment programme to alleviate poverty.
  • To develop a comprehensive community economic development policy cleary stating the partnering options.
  • To maintain general harmony with our neighbouring communities. E.g. Inkorienito, Moi dabi, Ngondi and Maela villages.

Affiliations and accreditations

  • To create synergies with both national and international learning and research institutions.
  • To attain necessary accreditations with recognised conservation bodies.
  • To be the premier model of excellence in our contribution to wildlife and conservation.
  • To encourage and capitalize upon research partnerships in order to support the development of the Conservancy and the global understanding of wildlife and environmental issues.


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