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Oserian Two Lakes works closely with neighbouring communities to ensure that the conservation of wildlife goes hand in hand with community development. We recognise that education is the keystone to peace and development, and thus our quest to provide education to our neighbouring communities. We believe that in order for the local people to live in harmony with wildlife, conservation efforts must bring tangible benefits to their communities.

Every year, Oserian Two Lakes engages in community development projects/schemes which are extensive and make a considerable difference to communities. We direct a small percentage of funds raised through sponsorship to the neighbouring communities, and through this program we have helped alleviate poverty and create enthusiasm for wildlife conservation amongst these communities.

  • Education Program

    Education Program

    Oserian Two Lakes works closely with its founding sponsor Oserian Flowers to develop improved education facilities in neighbouring communities; building classrooms, school kitchens, pit latrines and teachers' houses. Since its inception, it has witnessed increased school enrolment. This programme intends to encourage technological development at schools by providing computers and constructing libraries equipped with relevant reference materials.

    The Education Program also supplies donations of books, charts, posters, pencils, chalk, art materials and more to the schools that are under its program.

    We strongly believe that all children should have a chance to secure a better future regardless of their circumstances at home. Most of our neighbouring communities largely depend on subsistence farming and are often only able to feed their families once a day.

    As a result, we are considering implementing a joint Feeding Program together with Oserian as part of the Education Program. This program intends to supply community schools with porridge, maize, and beans for the year, to help attract more children to attend school and help increase their concentration levels.

  • Agribusiness


    The Conservancy had developed a Community Partnership and Education Programme whose objective was to ensure that communities living adjacent to the Conservancy supported its conservation agenda, which aims at improving their livelihoods and maximising benefits derived from their farms, by helping community members adopt modern farming techniques. We currently are working with the community to improve their flock productivity by providing them with superior breed of rams from the dorpur breed to produce a higher performance cross breed.

    We also donate tree seedlings to the community for them to cross plant with other crops, in the sustainability of top soil from soil erosion and enhance crop protection.

    Oserian Two Lakes together with Oserian Flowers is currently looking into the formulation of a good farming practices education program that will see farmers in the surrounding community receiving education on how to ulitise proper farming activities (farmer pack) for their livelihood.

  • Health Care

    Health Care

    The Conservancy in conjunction with Oserian Flowers has supported the neighbouring community, Inkorienito. In this community, we have constructed a dispensary for the residents of this area, who would otherwise travel long distances to access medical care. Extension of medical care to both our workers and the community is part of social welfare activities undertaken by the conservancy.

    The Conservancy ensures that adequate facilities and qualified personnel with a capacity to deal with any medical challenges are always made available to the community. The presence of proactive programmes as far as community hygiene is concerned is equally important in ensuring that most of the problems are prevented.

    Oserengoni Conservancy currently supports the following health related programs

    • Modern Creche
    • Ambulance services at the Health Care Center
    • Active HIV programs
    • Donations towards persons with disability
    • Donations towards running of Health Care Center
  • Water and Sanitation

    Water and Sanitation

    Oserian Two Lakes in partnership with Oserian Floers is currently implementing a Community Water Development project at Ngondi community that will lead to the provision of clean water to over 6000 people who have been experiencing perennial water shortages. Water has remained a scarce resource in all our communities yet it is vital for survival. Oserian Two Lakes continues to provide a positive impact on the surrounding communities with the improvement and maintenance of the water development schemes.

  • Empowering the Society

    Empowering the Society

    We have plans to embark on an Adult Literacy program which is a crucial poverty-reduction tool, that would help promote personal freedom and democracy for disadvantaged groups who thought opportunity had long passed them by. We are making arrangements to set up a centre for adult education. Topics shall include: reading, writing, civil education, health, agriculture, business, vocational skills and income-generating projects, from handy-work to artisan crafts.

    Supporting Women in our community – One bead at a time!

    Oserian Two Lakes has teamed up with Oserian Flowers to start a bracelet-making project to support the women from the neighbouring Maasai community. The women make beautiful hand crafted bracelets from the world renowned colourful Maasai beads. A bracelet is then attached to a bouquet of flowers which are sold in the Albert Heijn and Kesko Supermarkets (and Carrefour markets from 2010). From each of the bracelets she makes, each ‘mama’ is paid for her work and a small fee retained for beneficial projects that are chosen by the community. The women have also been able to form cooperative societies enabling them to pool their finances for joint livestock projects and other projects of their choice.

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